The communique points that have been issued form the consultative validation conference of the minority clans, and the Date is today 21/1/2020 the consultative conference of the minority clan,s political participation is held at Maan-soor Hotel and these 5 communique points were issued.

1-To accelerate the election law of Somaliland and than number of quota is being given to the minority clans and the Woman political participation.

2-All delegates both of Governmental and the Parliaments expressed that its their commitments to reached commonly and declared to validate and act on those 5 points of communiques for the minority clans.

3- Accordingly to the constitutionally that its allowed that minority clans could have the quota numbers to contest for their own quotas to join the political councils.

4-To coin a committee members of the minority clans only inside of their clans who will facilitate and work the validation of that communique points.

5- and finally to stand with those minority clans to put pressure on the legislation councils to pass the election law which is including the minority quota number.

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