Somaliland: Djibouti minister of women and family affairs concludes working Visit

Hon Hinda Jama Hersi Gani, Minister of Employment Social Affairs and Family of the Republic of Somaliland this week welcomed Hon Moumuna Houmed Hassan, Minister of Women and Family Affairs at the Egal International Airport.

The delegation included the head of UNFPA in Djibouti, Ambassadors of the two countries and other members of the Djiboutian minister’s entourage.

Minister of Employment, Social and Family Affiars Hon Hinda Jama Hirsi and representative of Nagaad Women’s Network hosted a luncheon  for the visiting Djiboutian Minister of Women and Family Affairs Hon Moumuna Houmed Hassan and her entourage  at the Hido-Dhawr Hotel in Hargeisa.

The delegation visited a number of institutions including the Somaliland Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Education and the Kuwaiti orphanage.


Later on,  Minister of Women and Family Affairs of Moumuna  Homuod Hassan meet with other members of the Somaliland cabinet.

The visiting delegation visited the Ministry Of employment social affairs and family  headquarters on Friday morning, whereby they were briefed the ministry’s staff and the two ministries would collaborate on social issues.

Afterward, the delegation received a formal invitation from the Berbera Municipal Council Secretary, Mr. Abdikarin Aden Cade who hosted a luncheon.


The delegation returned to the Somaliland capital of Hargeisa on Saturday and on the same day paid a courtesy visit to the Mohamed Mooge orphanage and the Disability Center which is managed by the ministry.


Hon Hinda Hersi Gani, Minister of Employment, Social and Family Affairs bade farewell to the visiting Djiboutian delegation who flew out of the country on Saturday evening.

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