Labour Department

The Labour Department is one of the major arms of the Ministry of Employment, Social Affairs, and Family. It exists to carry out functions subject to Somaliland Labour Act No. 31/2004 and the ILO Convention No. 150 about the Labour Administration system.

The Labour Department exists to enforce labour laws and regulations in Somaliland and provide, for the benefit of workers and employers, employment-related services such as job-matching, job counseling and mediation; and to generate reliable labour market information for employment policy and national development planning.


  • Provide advice on labour policy and all matters relating to labour;
  • Administer labour legislation.
  • Enforce labour laws and working conditions through inspection of workplaces.
  • Promote effective tripartism through co-operation with employers’ and workers’ organizations.
  • Investigate, find and ease payment of workmen’s compensation claims.
  • Implement employment policies, through the labour market, and sound management of employment services.
  • Child Labour desensitization, training and law enforcement; co-ordination and monitoring of all child labour elimination programmes.
  • Registration and Certification of Trade Unions and Employers’ Organizations.
  • Provision of labour market information statistics in collaboration with other government agencies for human resource planning, development, and use.
  • Ensure the Government’s continued relationship with and membership of the Internal Labour Organization (ILO) and other labour organizations throughout the world.

Click here to Download the Labour Act 31/2004