Social Affairs Department:
  • Social Protection of target groups through Right Based Approach (RBA) programming.
  • Protecting the children from all abuses and promoting the wellbeing of the children without parental care & unaccompanied children
  • Social Rehabilitation of ensuring that the services of rehab-centers are at acceptable standards for caring patients and service users
  • Minorities Care: Address the needs of the minority’s groups of society
  • Spearheading the protection needs related to disabilities
  • Advocacy for Target groups (vulnerable groups of the community including women, minorities, children, and the society at large) to benefit from protecting laws and policies in accessing essential services
Guiding Acts / Policies & Action Plans of the Department:
Child Protection Act / Xeerka Nidaamka Garsoorka Caruurta – 36/2007 – Download
Alternative Care Policy for Children In Somaliland – Download
Somaliland NATIONAL PLAN OF ACTION FOR CHILDREN 2016-2020 – Download